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The popularity and availability of fidget spinners has exploded in recent months. Whether that is a because of the growing popularity of hand spinners, like the Torqbar, or of the continued growth of "everyday carry" remains to be seen, but the end result is an increasing number of options and information for buyers.

While practically anything can be a fidget toy, a finger spinner is a very specific device. Starting with the Torqbar fingers spinners have become the most popular, and most expensive fidget option available. These devices generally consist of a body (usually made of metal) perfectly centered around a single bearing. When holding the bearings cover plates, it's possible to spin the body for minutes on end. The feeling of flicking the spinner and the gyroscopic effect make the fidget toy fun to hold and to use, without requiring enough concentration to distract you from the task at hand.

What is a fidget spinner?

With the basics explained in that video, it's worth noting that the fidget spinner market is divided up into premium players, standard spinners, and knock-offs.

Best Cheap Fidget Spinners

Premium spinners are expensive and often hard to come by, but the good news is that starter spinners are affordable and readily available from Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and other sites. That's right, you don't need to spend $150+ or wait months for your first fidget spinner. Most starter models are prices to move, but are made out of ABS plastic or are 3D-printed, as opposed to being cut out of metal, like their high-end counterparts.

Best Fidget Spinner Under $50: Cigreen C3

If you want the most spinner for the money -- not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but the best value -- then you need to know about the Cigreen C3. This spinner is available for between $3 and $50, depending on where you buy it and how fast you need it. It's also available under a number of different names, like the Pro i5, C3 Drei, Nomad, and the Zentri, but it's all the same great thing.

Have no doubts about it, this spinner is almost impossible to beat for the money. The main challenge is finding it in stock, from a buyer you trust, in the color and material you want. It's been said that some of the sub-$10 offerings are scams, but we're still researching that. We have purchased this spinner from FastTech, Amazon, and other providers and found it to be of superb quality.

Here is a video review of the C3 spinner:

Best Expensive Fidget Spinners

Type Metal Type Price (USD) Status? Link
Torqbar Solid Body Brs, Cpr, SS, Ti $139-199 "Coming Soon" Torqbar
ZeroFeud Compass Ti, Al $180, $55 "Sold Out" Zerofeud
Vorso Flat Top Brs, Cpr, SS $150-$200 Copper only Vorso Spin
Rotablade Brs, Cpr, SS, Ti $119-$137 "6 weeks or less" Rotablade
Maelstrom Brs + SS, Ti $119-159 "Sold out" Flyaway Toys
Type Table Spin? Key Chain? Stack? Bearing
Torqbar Solid Body No Yes No R188
ZeroFeud Compass No No No R188
Vorso Flat Top Yes No No 608
Rotablade Yes No Yes R108
Maelstrom Yes No Yes R108

A frequently asked question is, "What is the most expensive fidget spinner?" While we'd assert that you are asking the wrong question, the answer is likely the Torqbar. These fidget spinners have sold for upwards of $600 on Ebay at demand was at its peak. Now that demand is slowing, Torqbar production is increasing, and there is a huge number of other options (including many below $20) available, secondhand prices are dropping. Even so, Torqbars are still expensive: today some models are sold for as much as $269 direct from MD Engineering. Sure, the Wave3 Torqbar Solid Body CP2 in anodized titanium "Splish" is about as fancy and rare as a spinner can get, but that is a lot of money.

But since you asked, here are some of the most expensive fidget spinners ever sold:

Torqbar Review

Still interested in a fidget spinner? This review will give you a thorough accounting of everything you want to know about the Torqbar, the most popular and most sought-after spinner in 2016 and 2017.

Vorso Flat Top Review

The Vorso Flat Top is undeniably a beautifully designed spinner with a great action and a perfectly proportioned design. It's no wonder that the spinner is constantly sold out, with no current date given on when it will be back in stock.

Rotablade Stubby Review

The Rotablade is another premier fidget spinner. It features an all-metal design and premium materials, like the Torqbar, but it has one major advantage: it can spin freely when on a flat surface.

Fidget Spinner FAQs

Why 3D-print A Spinner?

Many people have asked, why would you 3D-print a hand spinner whne it could be metal? It's all about the cost. 3D-printing spinners are perfectly good, especially for beginners, but they trade off cost for quality. Printing from plastic means no expensive metal to buy, mold, machine, or ship. 3D-printed plastic is light, inexpensive, easy to design, and super simple to reproduce. You don't need any specialized equipment (aside from the printer) and the productin time per unit is very low, unlike metal which requires years of expertise to work with.

Fidget Spinner Maintenance and How to Clean

Hand spinners need a surprising amount of maintenance, largely owing to the fact that that use open (un-sealed) bearings that pick up a lot of pocket lint. They can be cleaned in just a few seconds with canned air. For a deeper cleaning, they should be bathed in rubbing alcohol or a similar cleaning solution and then thoroughly dried.

What Spinner to Buy Next?

So you bought an entry-level spinner like the Spintech Omega or U13 and you loved it. Now what spinner do you get next? Sure you could throw money at the issue and get something obvious, like a Torqbar or ZeroFeud, but what about something less expensive? Some top choices for a second spinner are:

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